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WEtv, IFC, Fabreze, Glade, Womens Entertainment, Independent Film Channel

Elettro Promotion Platform features Photo Voting Contests

Register and build promotions in minutes with the proven, highly successful branded interactive promotion platform. Give your website users more to do within your online brand sponsored presence at your primary new user acquisition spots like Facebook, Pinterest, your own web site and mobile apps.  

Smart, social digital marketing done right can catch lightning in a bottle and payoff bigger and faster then any other marketing solutions in today's market.  So we've made it easy to manage many all from one dashboard.

Promote your brand, build a successful and active promotion and optionally display sponsor ads.  Engage not only your audience but the friends and family of your most passionate users. Reward your users with prizes and discounts compelling enough to motivate them to share with friends and family and increase your brand exposure.  Start now.



Robust Features

Elettro Interactive is constantly updating the promotional contest platform making it smarter, finding easier ways to produce additional cool types of promotions including creating a presence with social networks and mobile apps. The internet is constantly changing and so is this enterprise system.

Check out some of the features available with the photo voting contest part of Elettro Promotion Platform system, remember that each contest has a varied level of customization depending on your needs as a brand. Click 'view features' to see some of the available features.

Elettro Youtube Portfolio Reel Posted

View the latest portfolio reel from Elettro Interactive digital marketing production team portfolio includes samples of work ranging from recent full custom Facebook Apps, Animation, Contests, Sweepstakes, Promotional Products, Games, Websites, Joomla sites, Flash sites, Sizzle Reels.  This 10 minute video helps someone new to Elettro quickly learn of the vast production creativity and capability.   Soup to nuts marketing.

Watch Elettro Reel Here:


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